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The Queensland Amateur Wrestling Association (QAWA) is part of Wrestling Australia and is the official state body for the Wrestling disciplines governed by the world body FILA. Wrestling is considered to be one of the oldest forms of organised competition and martial art, with many different folk and traditional styles in existence around the world. Wrestling has a long history and is one of the few sports to be contested in both the Ancient and Modern Olympics.

Wrestling Queensland

The sport of Wrestling involves two participants trying to gain control over their opponent using throws, takedowns, clinching and ground wrestling techniques. Matches are contested over 3 bouts, with instant victory occuring by pinning both of the opponent's shoulders to the mat. Bouts can also be determined by points, which are awarded for superior position and control.

Wrestling training occurs all year round and involves elements of weight training, gymnastics, aerobic conditioning, technique drilling, ground wrestling and sparring. Wrestling is open to male and female participants from school age up to veterans. Wrestling training can be done for competition, self-defense, conditioning and cross-training.

Wrestling Queensland

The QAWA oversees the competition of the following disciplines:

  • Freestyle Wrestling
  • Greco-Roman Wrestling.
  • Beach Wrestling.

Freestyle Wrestling is a modern style and an Olympic sport contested by male and female competitors. Under Freestyle rules the legs may be used for both offense and defense.

Greco-Roman Wrestling predates Freestyle Wrestling and is an Olympic sport contested by male wrestlers only. Under Greco-Roman rules, the legs cannot be used and all holds and techniques must be performed above the waist.

Beach Wrestling is a style contested on sand with no ground wrestling component and an emphasis on fast paced bouts for spectators.

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The Queensland Government is proud to provide funding for the QAWA to get more Queenslanders active through sport and recreation.